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About Eyemouth Rib Trips

Eyemouth Rib Trips has been running trips from Eyemouth Harbour since 2011 by Tim Grimshaw the owner and skipper, a former powerboat champion. Find our more about Tim's story here.

*Soon to be updated about our NEW boat 'Clearwater'

The boat 'Clearwater' is a RIB, standing for Rigid (hulled) Inflatable Boat made by Humber who are the chosen manufacturer by the Marine Police, Border Control Customer amongst many other marine operators, so the boat's pedigree is second to none for safety, strength and speed. If you have more interest , you can read more About the Boat here.


Your safety...

Tim holds a skipper's licence for vessels up to 200 tons, also a ship engineer's certificate for engines up to 2000bhp. He is also legally required to hold a Sea Survival Certificate, a First Aid Certificate, a Ship's Radio Licence and must undergo a rigorous medical each year.


Your safety is the most important thing to us, fun and business come second. The decision to go to sea is always made by the skipper based on safety considerations.

All passengers and crew are required to wear life-jackets as instructed. The life-jackets are fully factory serviced during every winter, they inflate automatically, instantly, should they become submerged and can also be operated manually. Kids' life-jackets are fully automatic as well now.

There is a full safety briefing for all passengers before every voyage.

The boat has 9 separate air-compartments so is very buoyant, and should in the rare event of one tube leaking, the rest are more than sufficient to get the boat safely back to port.


more on your safety...

Waves and water will drain out of the back of the boat via special "elephant trunk" drain systems.

The boat has several manually operated extinguishers for the passenger and pilot area.

2 life rafts (one 10 man & one 4 man) are always carried. They are professionally serviced from top to bottom every year.

The boat carries full offshore RYA flares, well in excess of regulations for alerting emergency services to our location should it become necessary

We have a fully maintained first aid kit, 14 full TPAs (Thermal Protection Aid) for protecting cold or wet passengers

The boat carries both large and small anchors as well as a full set of Admiralty charts for the area.

The boat is subject to an independent annual inspection and a renewal of her MCA certificate, i.e. permission to carry passengers. Every 5 years a full out-of-water survey is compulsory.

For emergency communications the boat carries a VHF/DSC radio and back-up hand held VHF radio, and position and depth are always monitored via the plotter. 

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