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Visit Siccar Point to see the geological feature Hutton's unconformity

£35 per person, minimum 4 people required for this trip to run
1hr 30mins, times vary from April - October. See this week's timetable or Book Now

Siccar Point
About the trip...

Take the boat along to Siccar Point to see Hutton's unconformity up close from a different perspective. This rocky promontory is a one of the world's most famous and important geological features. Found in 1788, which James Hutton regarded as conclusive proof of his uniformitarian theory of geological development.

For more information and to download a leaflet visit the Edinburgh geological society website

"an accessible way to see Hutton's unconformity from the sea'

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Taken from the Edinburgh Geological Society website:-


'James Hutton, father of modern geology, visited Siccar Point by boat in 1788, an event which led to a profound change in the way the history of the Earth was understood. A man ahead of his time, James Hutton used the evidence from Siccar Point to decode Earth processes and to argue for a much greater length of geological time than was popularly accepted.


As John Playfair later recorded of their visit “The mind seemed to grow giddy by looking so far into the abyss of time”.


A concept of ‘deep time’ emerged with the recognition that the geological processes occurring around us today have operated over a long period and will continue to do so into the future.'

You can visit Siccar Point by rib today, and see the spectacular junction between two distinctive types of rock, just as Hutton himself found it.

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