Kids Fast Blast

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A gentler thrill experience Fast Blast for the under 10s

£20 Adults, & £15 for Children under 10s (Minimum Age 4)
30 mins, times vary from April - October. See this week's timetable or Book Now

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About the trip...

Whether you are on holiday in Scotland or just visiting the area enjoy a thrilling ride for all the family with our Kids Fast Blast trip! Suitable for under 10s this is a gentler version of our Fast Blast.


It is great fun for kids and adults alike. Fast Blast rides are exciting treats for birthdays. Why not book the whole boat for your group.

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'A thrill for all ages'

The Essentials

Sailings and landings are always subject to favourable sea and weather conditions. You can read more information here in our T&Cs.

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